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Europe on edge: The new normal

Story highlights String of recent attacks fuels anxiety that old order is unraveling Europe is facing greatest threats in a generation Questions we didn't ask last summer: What next? Where will I be? Who will l know? Is my life less safe? T

Terror attacks in Europe spur anger and dread

Story highlights The attacks have diminished civic trust in EU leaders, many cite mass migration as cause Hollande, Merkel face growing hostility following mass migration Before these horrific events, there was a knife-wielding teenager on a

Bollywood director convicted of rape

Story highlights "Peepli (Live)" co-director Mahmood Farooqui faces minimum 7 years in prison The victim, whose identity is protected by law, was in India conducting research A New Delhi trial court found Farooqui, best known as co-director

Pope makes historic visit to Auschwitz

Story highlights More than 1 million people died at Auschwitz Pope Francis makes his first visit to the death camp Pope delivers Mass before huge crowd in Krakow The Pope arrived early Friday for his first trip to Auschwitz and sat alone f

FBI chief: Success against ISIS means more terror

Story highlights "There is going to be a terrorist diaspora ... like we've never seen before," Comey says There has been a recent uptick of attacks in West by or for ISIS Speaking to a cybersecurity conference at Fordham University Wednesday

Humanitarian disaster feared for what is left of Aleppo

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Reports: Families trickle out of Aleppo

Story highlights Dozens of families use humanitarian corridors to leave Aleppo, reports say The city has been devastated by the relentless pounding of Russian and Syrian forces The families moved out of eastern Aleppo on Saturday through hum

Why the latest developments in Aleppo are so significant

But what does the relief operation mean for the desperate citizens of Aleppo and the future of the city? The Russians and Syrian government forces have been pounding Aleppo relentlessly for months now in an effort to take back the easter

Terror group announces split with al-Qaeda

Story highlights Al-Nusra leader Abu Mohammad al-Golani says group cuts ties with al Qaeda The new group will have "no affiliation to any external entity," he says Though Golani, in his first video appearance, said the new group will have "n

What Syrian refugees want Trump to know

They are too busy learning to speak English and beginning their new life in America. However, many, refugees are well aware of the positions that presidential candidate Donald Trump has taken on Muslims and immigration. Trump has proposed a ban on

Suicide bombing kills dozens in Syria

Story highlights ISIS says bombing was in response to U.S-led coalition bombing in Manbij Blast in Qamishli targets buildings belonging to Kurdish security agency A truck bomb exploded near buildings belonging to a Kurdish security agency an

People in Aleppo ‘scared and hungry’

Story highlights Residents are getting text messages telling them to leave United Nations worried about a potential humanitarian disaster Food and water have become scarce, he said. "The situation now is really bad. There is not enough food

People in besieged Aleppo get a chance to flee

Story highlights Amnesty International: Corridors won't prevent a humanitarian catastrophe Syria's President announces an amnesty for militants who lay down their arms In a "large-scale humanitarian operation," three relief corridors would b

Germany’s Merkel stands by refugee policy

Story highlights Merkel defends Germany's decision to accept 1 million refugees in 2015 Chancellor confirms ISIS can infiltrate the refugee route What are the rules for asylum seekers in Germany? Germany has been rattled by four attacks in

Report: Turkey shuts down media

Story highlights In total, Turkey has closed about 130 media and publishing outlets, state-run news agency says It says nearly 1,700 soldiers -- including 87 generals -- have been fired Amid a state of emergency, 45 newspapers, 16 television