Position:Registration Officer (Junior)

Direct hierarchy: WS Manager and Senior Registration Officer

Location:Baidoa, Bay Region

I. Main Objectives:

To support during the registration process by using the official templates; maintain updated the preparation of the INTERSOS data base of beneficiaries; support in the distribution processes; support in the preparation of the reports.

II. Responsibilities/duties:

A. Registration Process

  1. Reception of the PoC and verification of the bio data

  2. Record the using the official templates (Voluntary Registration Form)

  3. Support in the registration with SCOPE platform

B. Provision of Information

  1. Support the WS Staff in the provision of relevant information to the assisted families.

C. Information management and reporting

  1. Support in the data entry process to maintain updated the INTERSOS DB of beneficiaries;

  2. Support in the preparation of weekly and monthly report;

  3. Support the Return Program Manager in data analysis.

Support in any other tasks requested by the WS Manager or Program Return Manager.

The assignment is demanding high flexibility on terms of extra work time – any extra work time will be recuperated following the INTERSOS HR Policy for national staff.

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