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Southeast Asia is known as a hub for various types of transnational organized crime and illicit trafficking, due to high levels of inequality within the region. Situated right next to some of the world’s largest economies (China and India), and with thriving economies of its own, it is a region that is both the source and destination for many illicit products. Despite this, very little is understood about what the local factors that exist to facilitate and motivate illegal trade across the borders of Southeast Asia at the community level.

Border communities play a vital role in combatting illicit trafficking. Better understanding those drivers would lead UNODC to propose new avenues for cooperation to countries in the region that would be more tailored to the situation on the ground, thus further strengthening our partnership with Southeast Asian States and supporting them reaching their development and security objectives.

As part of its regular activities to better comprehend the hidden dynamics of illicit trafficking and organized crime, and to prepare for its future new Regional Programme for Southeast Asia and the Pacific, UNODC will carry out a comprehensive survey in pre-selected border locations across Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam about their perception of local factors, or actual factors, which influence/drive to illegal trafficking across border, particularly land-based trafficking.


The objective of this assignment is the drafting, editing and completion of a comprehensive regional report (per country and regionally or with a different presentation as agreed upon with the consultant) on the perception of selected border communities throughout the Southeast Asian region on the drivers to illicit trafficking.

The assignment entails regular interactions with the country teams tasked with interviewing people in border communities, data recollection and translation into English of the corresponding national matrix as well as the provision of expert advice on research methodology to guarantee the final report’s high quality, reliability and rigor. Finally, the senior consultant is expected to complement with secondary sources, comparable information on the drivers of illicit trafficking in Indonesia and Myanmar (countries where for COVID-19 reasons volunteers to carry out the interviews were not able to be recruited). UNODC anticipates the final product (regional report) to be concluded before 31st August 2021.

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