National Programme Officer (NPO) – Sarajevo

UNODC is implementing the Regional Programme for South Eastern Europe (RP SEE) which covers inter alia of Bosnia and Herzegovina (along with Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo under UNSCR 1244) and works in cooperation with inter alia Global Programme to Prevent and Combat Corruption through effective implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption in support of Sustainable Development Goal 16 and the Global Programme Against Money-Laundering, Proceeds of Crime and the Financing of Terrorism (GPML).

Both the Global Corruption and Anti-money Laundering Programmes are aimed at assisting Member States around the world to strengthen their ability to implement measures against corruption, money-laundering and the financing of terrorism and to assist them in detecting, seizing, freezing and confiscating illicit proceeds, as required pursuant to United Nations instruments and other globally accepted standards, by providing relevant and appropriate technical assistance upon request.

The Regional Programme provides the overall platform for the UNODC involvement in South East Europe and supports the various thematic areas of the UNODC mandate.

The initiative “From Illicit Financial Flows to Asset Recovery” has as an overall objective to improve the overall security in the Western Balkans and beyond by combatting organised crime and terrorism. The specific objectives of the initiative are: (i) enhancing capacities to seize proceeds and instrumentalities of crime, with a view to ensure future confiscation; (ii) enhancing asset recovery capabilities, and pursuing proceeds and instrumentalities of crime through national coordination and regional and interregional cooperation; and (iii) enabling the collection of appropriate statistics on the different steps within the asset recovery process.

Among the foreseen results of the initiative are better ability in the region to detect, trace and seize proceeds and instrumentalities of crime, as well as to share relevant information or evidence for seizure and confiscation in other jurisdictions; increased regional and interregional cooperation on the subject matter; and introduction of datasets, research and evidence base.

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