Kenya: Program Manager (National Position)

INTERSOS is an independent non-profit humanitarian organization committed to assist the victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts. Its activities are based on the principles of solidarity, justice, human dignity, equality of rights and opportunities, and respect for diversity and coexistence, paying special attention to the most vulnerable and unprotected people.

1. Terms of reference

Job title: Program Manager (National Position)

Location: Mogadishu (25%) with frequent travel to Baidoa and Jowhar (25%) and Nairobi (50%)

Reporting to: Head of Mission

Starting date: July 2016

Duration of contract: 6 months (renewable)

2. Tasks and responsibilities

The Program Manager is the coordinator of the Refugee Return/IDPs Return, Re-Integration and Durable Solution.

Through close coordination with the Head of Mission he/she ensures that the ongoing project interventions are properly implemented and reported. He/She will be dedicated 100% on Return, IDPs, Re-Integration and Durable Solution. This include the development of the interventions on the aforementioned sector.

  1. Assessment, Program Design and Planning

For the Return and Durable Solution Sectors he/she will be in charge of:

· Ensuring that new assessments and new potential interventions are explored and executed.

· Ensuring that INTERSOS is duly represented at Cluster level at ReDDS Meeting and in other relevant Forum for Durable solution and reintegration (I.E. Trust Fund).

· Preparing projects, reports (final and interim) preparations submission for institutional and public funding and ensuring a timely submission of these.

· Drafting PAT, monthly reports, mission report, CPPs and all the other, possible ad hoc report preparation and timely submission to the Head of Mission.

· Ensuring the respect of projects and internal/external reports deadlines and commitments foreseen by MoU and Agreement stipulated with International donors and agencies.

· Represent INTERSOS in strategic meeting on Durable Solution and working to consolidate partnership ongoing and to build up new partnership/consortium

· Identification of new Donors and engagement with me to develop new strategies for access to basic services in areas of return.

  1. Return, IDPs, Re-Integration Durable Solution

the Program Coordinator will implement the following:

· Be responsible for implementation of the ongoing projects according to the signed Agreement and further modification approved by the donors.

· Be responsible for assessments, projects design, reports (final and interim) preparations for institutional and public funding.

· Be responsible for the timely submission of project proposals as well as external and internal reports.

· Be responsible of the preparation of all the accounting documents for intermediate and final financial reports required by donors.

· Be responsible for staffing and appraisal of the national personnel involved in the projects belonging to the Return, IDPs, Re-Integration and Durable Solution Sector.

· Ensure a steady and active representation of INTERSOS at cluster level as well in all the other, significant meetings (i.e. Return Consortium, Technical Working Group, Regional Durable Solution Secretariat etc.).

· Maintain daily relationship with the Donors and involve the Head of Mission whereas strategic opportunity can arise.

· Maintain ongoing surveillance of the developing humanitarian situation and adjust activities accordingly.

4. Required profile/experience

· Master degree in Social Science, Community Development, Psychology or Social Work and/or equivalent practical field experience, preferably with a humanitarian organization;

· Minimum three years professional experience in return and/or Durable Solution/ Reintegration programming, technical population movements and reintegration is an asset;

· Previous experience humanitarian project management is required; previous experience in emergency context are an asset;

· Fluent English is mandatory.

Technical competencies:

· Knowledge of the cluster system

· Knowledge of return consortium

· Knowledge of main Donors working on Durable Solution

· Project Management skills, including financial planning and documentation;

· Fluency in written and spoken English, good reporting and communication skills are required;

· Good problem solving and social skills and creative, to think of alternative solutions;

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