Carl Froch, the Cobra who just loved fighting | Kevin Mitchell

Super-middleweight champion will be remembered for world title bouts against best 12st fighters in a career as gilded as that of any British boxer of past decade

Carl Froch will not miss the physical and spiritual grind of his calling, nor the aggravation that comes with the deal-making and -breaking, the spats and feuds, that create as much rancour as money – although he was pretty good at that, too. He will enjoy more time with his long-time partner Rachael Cordingley (they will marry soon) and their children, Rocco and Natalia.

But what Froch will miss, without doubt, is hitting people with ferocious intent. As his friend and trainer of 13 years, Rob McCracken, said of the world super-middleweight champion who confirmed on Tuesday the retirement that had been coming for a while, “Carl is a throwback. He just loves fighting.”

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