Capacity Building and Conflict Resolution Consultant – Copenhagen

Under the direct supervision of the Ombudsman, the Consultant will be responsible for the following duties:

1. Training Coordination:

Coordinate the design, development, delivery and evaluation of conflict management training and capacity development programmes provided by the Office;

Maintain close coordination with consultants and Office staff for effective overall delivery of conflict management training programmes; 

Coordinate and provide guidance to assigned staff and consultants for performing training activities;Coordinate logistical details for training delivery;

2. Training Delivery and Assessment

Formulate an annual workplan for training delivery for the Office;

Evaluate training and review relevant training material for effectiveness and consistency;

Identify organizations staff development needs through training surveys and data collection tools, identify problems/issues and prepare training recommendations;

Develop and facilitate training material for conflict management in the workplace;

Assist in the procurement of training delivery experts;

Evaluate impact of training programmes and recommends ways to enhance their effectiveness and impact;

Promote the use of e-learning and knowledge management platforms for development and delivery of online training programmes;

Provide input into the preparation and monitoring of the office training budget;

Deliver induction and specialized training for the RWF’s.  

3. Outreach

Develop and actively solicit content on conflict management training for the Office learning management service, website and intranet webpages;

Initiate and sustain professional relationships with key stakeholders in workplace conflict management training;

Produce and oversee production of communication products such as brochures, videos, posters, etc.;

Collaborate and/or actively solicit new training material for online and in person training from Office staff and consultants.

4. Case management

Support the Office by providing conflict management services to funds and programmes’ staff members and non-staff personnel, as applicable;

Facilitate informal resolution of workplace conflicts helping all parties to explore options and engage in a voluntary and confidential process, acting as a neutral third-party;

Maintain neutrality and impartiality towards all parties and confidentiality within the process;

Work collaboratively with relevant actors in the various offices to facilitate informal resolutions;

Perform other duties to support the Office in non-core functions, as assigned.

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