Technical Officer (Country Preparedness), WHO – (2002398) – Kyiv

In the context of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, the incumbent provides technical support to health authorities and partners and coordinates WHE activities in the country, supporting the development and implementation of national plans and critical core capacities for all-hazard health emergencies; as well as supporting activities related to the monitoring, evaluation and objective assessment of country core capacities, ensuring the implementation of the International Health Regulations.The incumbent acts as surge capacity when required.Assigned duties:Under the overall guidance of Head of WHO Country Office and the direct supervision of WHE Team Lead, the incumbent is assigned the following responsibilities:1. Support the implementation of WHO activities in the area of Country Health Emergency Preparedness & IHR including providing support to the Ministry of Health and other sectors in activities which include:• developing/updating national emergency preparedness and response plans;• creating and updating the Country Office’s contingency and business continuity plans as well as assisting MoH in creating and updating their national contingency plans;• provision of assistance in risk assessments, and critical core capacities for all-hazard health emergencies;• supporting the monitoring, evaluation and objective assessment of country core capacities, ensuring the implementation of the International Health Regulations.2. Under close technical guidance and supervision of the respective WHE unit, provide technical assistance at country level on priority issues such as: emergency preparedness, surveillance and response; strengthening health systems, operational readiness and essential public health functions.3. Act as first-line emergency responder in case of a country emergency in line with the ERF II and support the Incident Management team in the country in case of a graded emergency. Support UN emergency teams, where relevant and in close collaboration with the Regional Office, support the provision of data and information required for any WHE-related documents to be presented to WHO Governing bodies, for the work and deliberation of an IHR Emergency Committee or an IHR Review Committee or a technical consultation.4. Assist and contribute to promoting partnerships in the country with relevant health stakeholders, to ensure the successful implementation, monitoring and evaluation of capacities in line with IHR (2005) requirements, as well as the identification of financing for WHE country plans.5. Link with institutions, associations and non-governmental agencies and scientific bodies, for exchange of information, coordination of activities and implementation of sector wide approaches.6. Assist in preparations of missions to the country and support consultants in country.7. Assist the Head of WHO Country Office in all managerial, administrative and liaison activities with the Regional Office and support the effective implementation of all WHO activities in the country as elaborated in the BCA, CCS or other WHO action plans.8. Perform other related responsibilities, including replacing and/or backstopping. Support other WHE programme areas, as needed.

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