International Committee of the Red Cross
Somalia Delegation
Denis Pritt Road
P.O. Box 73226, Nairobi
00200 – Kenya
E-mail address: [email protected]

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an impartial, neutral and independent organization with the exclusively humanitarian mission to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and internal violence and to provide them with assistance. It also endeavors to prevent suffering by promoting and strengthening International Humanitarian Law and universal humanitarian principles. The ICRC Somalia delegation in Nairobi is seeking for an experienced and motivated person to fill the position of


The ICRC implements the repair and rehabilitation of civil engineering projects across Somalia, including de-silting of rainwater catchments and the repair of river embankments and irrigation canals.

Main Responsibilities

Projects Planning, Assessments and Designs
 Assessing needs, prioritizing, studying feasibility and proposing projects in collaboration with the Economic Security (EcoSec) Department.
 For non-standard projects, making the necessary calculations and preparing the necessary technical documentation including detailed and accurate technical drawings and Bills of Quantities.

Supervision of Projects Execution (for both standard and non-standard projects)

 Able to perform technical assessments in order to quantify the technical needs and propose technical solutions;
 Ensuring a close follow up with Contractors’ site engineers to ensure that work is being carried out according to the approved contractual documents (Contracts and addendums, BoQ, drawings, technical specifications and planning);
 Daily inspection of worksites, including (but not limited to):
o Progress / Delays
o Compliance / Noncompliance to plans and technical specifications,
o Presence and competence of Contractor’s Human Resources,
o Quality of Contractor’s construction equipment;
o Quantity and quality of the materials used by the Contractor
 Carrying out, following up and reporting results of the test samples where and when appropriate.
 Taking immediate appropriate measures in case of non-conformed materials or works.
 Interacting with the ICRC WatHab project manager for clarification in design if necessary.
 Facilitating communication between the WatHab Department and the Contractor on site.
 Monitoring and ensuring that all works are carried out in accordance with safety requirements.

Projects monitoring/review

• Ensures monitoring/review of the utilization of the rehabilitated/created assets upon the handover of individual projects to the local communities/authorities.
• In collaboration with EcoSec department, conducts the projects reviews against the initially set objectives, documents the lessons-learnt and proposes adjustments if-when necessary.

• Establish and maintain professional relations with Contractors.
• May occasionally be asked to attend WASH regional meetings.

a. Reporting
 Writing minutes of workshops and meetings
 Writing field trip reports based on given guidelines, including:
a. Assessment reports
b. Proposals including rationales, feasibility, detailed technical drawings and Bills of Quantities
c. Progress reports (standard format) at every significant stage of the project
d. Completion reports (standard format) upon project completion
b. Administration – Finance
Knows, applies and complies on time with all the administrative procedures linked to his work, including (but not limited to) procedures related to travel requests and work advances.
c. Interpretation – Translation
 Interprets accurately from English to National language and vice versa during field visits and otherwise, as required.
 Translates documents from English to National language and vice versa as required
 Adapts his/her behaviour to various interlocutors
Minimum required knowledge & experience:
• University degree in Civil Engineering (Hydraulic specialization preferred)
• Minimum 3 years work experience in field supervision of hydraulic projects
• Excellent reading and comprehension of technical drawings and schematics
• Good technical sketching skills
• Fluent in written and spoken English and Somali
• Good computer skills (Word, Excel, etc.). Knowledge of CAD software is an advantage.
• Good leadership and communication skills
• Good knowledge of the social and geographical environment of Somalia

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