1. Introduction

SOS Children’s Villages International (SOS CVI) has been in Somalia supporting the most vulnerable members from 1985 and stayed on throughout the conflict, after the breakdown of the government in 1991. The breakdown of social services as a result of the war saw SOS CVI scale up its humanitarian support and facilitate development programs in the health, education and alternative care sectors. The program activities with the components of Health, Nutrition, Protection, Family strengthening and Family based alternative child care are carried out by 397 highly qualified employees at two program locations (Heliwa, Badbaado and Afgoya corridor in Banedir region and Baidoa, Hudur ,Ceelbarde in Bay and Bakol region). SOS Childrens Villages worldwide and SOS Somalia have been working together successfully since 1983.After the first children’s village in Mogadishu was opened in 1985, SOS Somalia has continuously expanded its programmes in the areas of humanitarian aid, alternative long-term care, education and health despite the adverse security situation in the country. SOS Somalia focuses on vulnerable children, their families and their communities. Much of this is affected by the effects of prolonged civil war, chronic drought and frequent flooding, with consequences such as famine, refugee flows, disease, malnutrition and low labour productivity – all factors leading to extreme poverty among people.

SOS Children’s program activities require enterprise management through a centralized, distributed web-enabled platform from which key personnel and staff can interact, report and conduct key analysis for enhanced business support.

Our proposal is to develop an interactive, user-friendly M&E system for reporting, data management and archiving to enable the society improve the management of its data and reporting function across all program areas covering the following program units:

a. Emergency Operations

b. Water Sanitation and Hygiene

c. Health and Social Services

d. Disaster and Risk Management

e. Organizational Development

The overall Purpose of the online system

The purpose of this consultancy is to introduce a user-friendly online M&E system to improve data management and timely decision making using an automated standardized and centralized system. Prior to this system M&E team used a range of excel worksheets to plan activities, update progress and report. Manually updating and following up implementation of identified quality gabs and agreed actions with the program team was a challenge. Hence, the automation system will be developed to have the following advantages

  • To improve reporting for better decisions making

  • To standardize the M&E reporting platforms

  • Ensure the organization have a smooth workflow process

  • Ensure accurate responses to audit queries

2. Objectives of the assignment

To develop an effective Monitoring and Evaluation system that will enhance efficiency in data management, data use and timely decision making.

3. Scope of the Work/ Assignment

In performing the assignment, the consultant shall address the following key issues:

3.1. Interact with ongoing program monitoring processes, avenues for collecting and processing performance data and review products across various initiatives to inform baseline and use this to develop an inception plan

3.2. Develop a web-based automated M&E system with GIS, Impact, Outcome, Output, monitoring indicators for all programs and projects

3.3. Implement an online portal for web-based system for each project/program for data input and report generation.

3.4. Provide the required training and support to SOS Somalia Country office to effectively utilize the system.

4. Features of the online M&E system

Implement an online M&E system with the following, but not limited to, features;

4.1.1. Program and Project Dashboard Indicators

4.1.2. Document Management tools for attachment of documents

4.1.3. GIS Analytical tools and integrated workflows

4.1.4. Program/strategy indicators: impact /outcome/output

4.1.5. Inbuilt analysis template with import and export functionality MS Excel

4.1.6. Inbuilt template for report generation

4.1.7. Self-service (SS) online & offline portal for each project and program

4.1.8. Automated email notifications for level two analyses, review & approval

4.1.9. Different levels of access at project, program / sector manager & country level

4.1.10. Reports. *Generate notification emails for approaching & past deadlines of periodic reports, with automatic escalations in case of default

4.1.11. The system should be usable in both online and offline contexts and cross platforms compatible with mobile capability (Android / IOS)

5. Terms of online M&E Implementation

5.1. The implementation will take a maximum of three months (90 calendar days) from the date of sign off.

5.2. Provide a high security and cost-effective online portal.

5.3. The consultant will provide at least three months free post implementation support to SOS country office

5.4. Develop a web-based M&E system for SOS country office

5.5. The M&E system that will be designed must be compatible with Microsoft Server and PC operating system.

5.6. The consultant will provide proper documentation for all the modules installed

5.7. Training staff on (a) using the system and (b) management and maintenance of the system

6. Competencies of the consultant

SOS will select a consulting firm / Individual Consultant to undertake the consultancy on a competitive basis. The consultant firm/individual should have:

6.1. Post-graduate degree in Information Technology and/or Learning System;

6.2. At least 7 years working experience in M&E and advanced training in M&E;

6.3. Experience with practical field implementation of monitoring system and coordinating international projects;

6.4. Facilitation and training experience is also desired;

6.5. Highly developed analytical skills, with the ability to apply creative solutions to complex problems;

6.6. Ability to create effective and efficient systems for gathering and analyzing data;

6.7. Ability to manage relationships with third parties in order to meet objectives on complex research projects;

6.8. Ability to maintain confidentiality;

6.9. Strong skills in teamwork, facilitation/training, electronic database development, strategic thinking, verbal communication, and writing;

6.10. Good leadership, communication, interpersonal and conflict management skills;

6.11. Excellent written and oral skills and

6.12. An excellent command of the English language is a requirement;

7. Supervision/ ICT support to the Consultant

7.1. The Consultant will work closely with the Monitoring and Evaluation team, Program team, IT Manager and report to the assigned person by SOS organization

7.2. The consultant will host or advise who will host the M&E system.

7.3. SOS country office ICT will provide the Consultant with the requisite access rights to install and configure the M&E System.

8. Required documentation

The applicant(s) will submit the following:

8.1. A cover letter;

8.2. Technical and financial proposal; and,

8.3. Curriculum vitae of the consultant.

8.4. Examples of previous work done in designing monitoring and evaluation systems in developing countries;

8.5. Proof of citizenship.

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