Somalia: Senior Procurement & Logistics Specialist


AECOM is implementing the Somalia TIS+ Project to promote good governance and community cohesion. USAID/EA’s Somalia Office anticipates that the need for quick impact stabilization activities will continue given the fragile nature of the nascent government and the existence of an insurgency in parts of South Central Somalia. At the same time, Somalia, particularly under the New Deal and the new internationally recognized government, is looking to move from crisis and stabilization to medium and longer-term development. The objectives of the contract are to: 1) Increase confidence in governance based on equitable participation in decision making and management of community assets. 2) Empower community and government representatives to engage with private sector and development actors in a collaborative process for community growth. 3) Increase Somali engagement in creating a more stable future. 4) Support inclusive, sustainable development by reducing gender gaps in stabilization and development.


The Senior Procurement & Logistics Specialist is a national local position that will assist with the overall administration of assets and management of logistics for the project, as well as, with the procurement of various assets and goods. The Senior Procurement & Logistics Specialist will ensure a wide range of administrative and logistical support functions including; supervising all procurement and logistics staff in Mogadishu, Baidoa, Kismayo; oversee all property management for Mogadishu, Baidoa and Kismayo; travel management and maintenance management. In addition to having direct responsibility for providing the daily support to the Procurement Specialist and operations team, duties will also include planning for the monthly reporting requirements of AECOM.

Primary Responsibilities

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Supervise all Procurement & Logistics staff in Mogadishu, Baidoa and Kismayo (other Somalia locations as the program expands geographically);

  • Follow up on monthly office leases and keep up to date records for landlord’s full information, building addresses, monthly rent rate, end date and update;

  • Maintain accurate tracking sheet for premises leases, utilities and payments and obtain certain support documents for payment processing, and check for renewal extensions before minimum two weeks;

  • Oversee appropriate use, care and maintenance of all AECOM office spaces, facilities arrangement and address maintenance/changes actions plan;

  • Coordinate materials, components, tools, equipment’s, dispatches and mails flow and other items and keep log sheet, and organize shipment and transportation for the beneficiaries or sub-offices;

  • Consolidate on fuel consumption records versus distance and insurance and maintenance work for all vehicles (including field offices) and submit weekly, bi-weekly and monthly reports.;

  • Maintain and coordinate maximum integration with other departments and field offices to achieve stated goals;

  • Prepare inventory report, including monthly asset management sheet updates, annual inventory review, marking and tracking of organizational assets;

  • Train and develop subordinates’ skills through sharing job knowledge and information to help with ongoing, long-term improvement of employees’ skills, enabling them to fulfill their potential within their organization;

  • Performance review plan for the subordinates and with agreed goals, these include employee performance improvement, performance development, training, cross-training, challenging assignments.

  • Maintain operation department filling system with proper archiving titles

  • Check and verify small purchases, as requested by the staff, within a petty cash limit;

  • Other duties as assigned


The Senior Procurement & Logistics Specialist reports to the Procurement Specialist.

Knowledge, experience & skills required:

  • A University degree in Business Administration or related discipline.
  • Five (5) years working experience on USAID funded projects is ideal.
  • A minimum of two (2) years of USAID procurement experience.
  • A minimum of two (2) years’ experience at management level.
  • Strong procurement and accounting/financial management skills with good experience with USAID rules and regulations including compliance issues.
  • Good oral and written communication skills in both English & Somali languages.
  • Strong analytical, planning and organizational skills.
  • High level computer skills in Excel & Word.
  • A clear understanding of Procurement ethics and USAID compliance is essential.
  • Conscientious with an excellent sense of judgment, personal integrity and attention to detail.
  • Willingness and ability to work effectively with a wide variety of different personality types.


Mogadishu, Somalia


1 year with possible extension

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