Somalia: Invitation to Tender (Purchase & Installation of Solar Powered Desalination System)

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OXFAM invites all qualified suppliers / contractors to submit proposals for the provision of following Service:

Reference #: 19/127/HAR-SOM


Procurement and Installation of 2 Desalination Units

1- Background

Oxfam Somaliland is working with the Government Ministry of Water Resources Development to provide sustainable and safe water supply to the people of Somaliland particularly people affected by drought, conflicts and other emergencies. The main water sources in Somaliland is the rain water and groundwater resources. The rainwater though its widely used for drinking and other domestic uses and watering animals, yet its not widely used due to factor including short period of the rainfall, the quantity of the rain is influenced by climate change events, Sahel phenomena which hit the region of the horn of Africa repeatedly making development of this water is becoming more challenging and unsustainable in the absence of scientific proved studies. On the other hand; groundwater resources though it was being developing for many years, the quality of groundwater is very hard water due to the general prevalence of limestone aquifers across Somaliland.

To ensure provision of safe and palatable water for drinking and domestic uses of the groundwater resources, Oxfam installed desalination units in two (2) locations in Sool and Sanaag regions for the last 3 years. Experience showed that the desalination units are ideal solution to the problem of hardness in groundwater. During the dry months of the year when surface water is evaporated or consumed, people opt to use the desalinated water instead of purchasing trucked water which is very expensive and cannot be afforded by typical IDPs or host community household. Even though the desalination units proved to be effective in supplying soft water in adequate quantities. Oxfam is currently planning to install 2 new desalination units in selected villages of Sool and Sanaag regions. Therefore, these TOR is to request companies producing desalination units to send their proposal detailing their model matching below criteria.

2- Objective

To design, install and run a desalination system in two selected villages of Sool and Sanaag Regions, Somaliland/Somalia.

3- General System Requirements:

Based on previous experiences Oxfam prefer desalination units that work through reverse osmosis due to its efficiency in producing softer water and capability of removing minerals from brackish groundwater.

The desalination units should maintain the following criteria.

· Capable to produce 10,000 liter per day in 5.5 hours of solar radiations.

· Capability to be operated by hybrid system source of energy (Solar and Generator) to overcome the problems of least sun radiation months, clouds during.

· The company should be available to operate the system for period of 12 months and Oxfam will only take over after the test period is completed.

· Company should provide details of the design and third-party certification of the equipment in use

· On-the-job training for operators – including minimum qualifications for such operators.

4- Scope of Work and Standard

· Daily water requirement – 10,000 lit, – maximum acceptable TDS 200ppm

· Powered by solar – average available solar energy is maximum 5.5 hrs. per day,

· System need to have an option of using – alternate current (AC) in case of emergency,

· Provide details analysis on how the RO membranes are selected,

· Inlet and outlet from the membrane need to be stainless steel – 304

· Pumps – implore parts need to either duplex/stainless steel – need to received justification why one is elected over the other.

· The structure of the system needs to be stainless steel – welded together,

· Has the ability for remote monitoring mainly – water quality and quantity,

· All pipes need to be either stainless steel or plastic – if other provide justifications and possibility of maintaining by trained arcticians.

· Pressure and water meter should be easily readable through scale and resistant to the water quality provided.

· The system should be containerized and ready start as soon as delivered.

· Ultra violet or Ozone (UV/O3) disinfection systems

· Sand filter,

· Carbone filter

· Softer – optional to be installed depending on the quality of water

· Ultra-filtration can be recommended depending on the water quality.

· Water meters are required at feed, clean water production and recovery

· Maintenance and two years spare parts are recommended to be included in the offer,

· The tool kit should include electrical, mechanical, water quality – TDH/PH, and spares for the pumps

· Recommended chemicals for use should be included in the system and future arrangement to purchase such chemicals

5- Deliverables

· Two Desalination units installed in selected borehole in Sool and Sanaag regions of Somaliland

· The desalination units provided the required quantities of pure water as described above

· Adequate quantities of spare parts were maintained for repair and maintenance purposes

· Oxfam and local operator were trained and equipped with basics of the unit operation procedures

· The company is available to provide technical support for at least 12 months as testing period

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