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CTG stands for Committed To Good. With an ethical approach at the heart of all that we do, it is a description that makes us proud. Respect for the fundamental human rights of our staff, and those our staff encounter, is a cornerstone of our values. We strive for gender equality, inclusion and diversity, providing fair and equal opportunities for all. We take a zero tolerance approach to corruption and stay true to local labour laws and all local statutory requirements.
In operation since 2006, today we are honoured to serve clients in 15 fragile and conflict-affected states assisting with disaster relief, peace building, humanitarian aid and development programmes through our specialised recruitment, HR management and operational services.

Overview of position

In August 2014, the UK Government made available a grant to our client for the purpose of supporting a program in Somalia, with the capacity to deliver in the short term on its mandate to coordinate early recovery efforts aligned to the Federal Government’s stabilization strategy, and to help facilitate the international community’s efforts to help stabilize newly recovered areas in the Federal Member States of Jubaland, Southwest, Hirshabelle and Galmudug.
Project implementation in the coming period will include focussing on continued support to the Federal Government implementation of its National Stabilisation Strategy across the Federal Member States of Jubaland, Southwest, Hirshabelle and Galmudug. In support of this phase of project implementation, our client now seeks to engage an international consultant to advise the team leader on the planning and coordination of stabilization activities linked to the Federal Government’s Transition Plan, including supporting use of information management and monitoring approaches to track stabilization progress.

Role objectives

The purpose of the consultancy is to support the Team Leader to identify options and steps to align stabilization priorities and activities with Government of Somalia’s Transition Plan and accompanying Justice and Security Road map. This will involve support to planning, coordination and information management initiatives with the Ministry of Interior, Federal Affairs and Reconciliation (MoIFAR) along with its Ministry counterparts in the Federal Member States of Jubaland, Southwest, Hirshabelle and Galmudug, as well as Banadir Regional Administration.

working under the direction of the team leader, and in close cooperation with Federal Government, the consultant will undertake the following tasks:
-Provide support to joint planning initiatives with military and security stakeholders to ensure incorporation of stabilization perspectives and the prioritization of activities into future operations.
-Assist development of risk analysis of stabilization activities in linked to military planning to guide implementation of national stabilization strategy and accompanying state stabilization plans in newly recovery areas.
-Support the mapping of stabilization actors’ activities with MoIFAR and its state counterparts, including the delivery of the quarterly comprehensive approach to security stabilization update.
-Under the transition plan framework, support the capacity development of the civil-military coordination functions within MoIFAR and its state counterparts to improve engagement with security partners, including delivery of civil- military coordination training exercises and materials.
-Support the compilation of reports and analysis of the district level stability related indicators in Jubaland, Southwest, Hirshabelle and Galmudug.
-Assess the team’s existing stabilization information management systems and recommend means by which improvements could be made including joint platforms with Government counterparts.

Project reporting

The consultant will work within our client’s team, reporting to the Team Leader.

Key competencies

Essential Experience:
Minimum of 5-7 years’ stabilization and/or related military and security planning experience in fragile and conflict affected states, experience in Somalia would be considered beneficial.
Stability and military related information acquisition and development, including use of Geographic Information Systems.
Knowledge of monitoring, verification and evaluation frameworks in militarized stabilization environments.
Experience of operating in insecure and militarized environments.

Language Requirement:
Fluent in English language.

Geographical experience:
Experience in Somalia.

Other qualification:
Post-graduate degree in relevant discipline or equivalent field experience.Team management

This role does not require team management Further information


  • This assignment is only for 90 working days to be paid maximum.
  • The 6 months duration is only a set period within which the 90 days of assignment shall be completed.
  • Interested candidates, please apply before 11-03-2019

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