Somalia: EGEP Midline – External Evaluator – Call for Proposals

Terms of reference for EGEP-T Midline External Evaluator

Evaluation services for the Educate Girls, End Poverty implemented by Relief International.

Role of External Evaluator Relief International is seeking proposals from interested parties to conduct the EGEP Phase II midline study.

The following roles are required:

  • Evaluation lead: to finalise midline design and approach, oversee data collection, conduct data analysis, and write the midline report.
  • Data collection lead: to train, conduct and manage data collection exercise, cleaning and processing data. The Data collection lead will report to the Evaluation lead.

Relief International welcomes proposals covering the whole midline evaluation process and therefore both roles listed. Organisations are welcome to apply either alone or in partnership with other organisations. Proposals are expected to cover both sets of roles and responsibilities.

This call for proposals is in relation to the midline study only. However, there is the possibility that the role would then be extended to the endline study for the project.

Application process and timeline:

For further information about the opportunity, please consult the full Terms of Reference at the following URL:

The closing date for proposals is 17th January 2019 (PST- Pacific Standard Time)Submissions should be sent to: [email protected]

Interested parties are welcome to submit any queries by 7th January 2019 (PST- Pacific Standard Time) to the following: [email protected]

In the interests of transparency, responses to any queries will be publically available in the FAQ file held in the folder listed above.

Terms of Reference Contents:

  • Background to GEC Programme and EGEP-T project
  • Rationale for Evaluation and Evaluation Objective
  • Scope of Work for Evaluation Lead and Data Collection Lead roles
  • Professional Skills and Qualifications for Evaluation Lead and Data Collection Lead roles
  • Proposal Requirements
  • Annex I: Evaluation Questions
  • Annex II: Research Approach and Methodology
  • Annex III: Expected Timeline of Deliverables
  • Annex IV: Project Theory of Change
  • Annex V: Supplier Registration Form
  • Annex VI: Midline Evaluation Report Template

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