VSF Germany is implementing the project ‘***Securing livelihoods of agro-pastoralists through setting up and strengthening of livestock sector value chains promoting infrastructure and generating income’ for the next 33 months (1st June, 2016 to 31st April, 2019) with funding from BMZ. The project will be implemented in *Somaliland: Galbeed, Maroodjeex region covering Hargeisa, Gebiley and Balligubadle districts.

The overall objective of the programme is to „improve livelihood of dairy and meat-producing agro-pastoralists and of members of the milk and meat value chain through increased income and, thus improve access to animal products at local markets for consumers in order to ensure their supply with high-quality protein.. The action will be implemented directly by VSFG through collaboration with key stakeholders including; Government and local authorities, Somaliland National Veterinary Association (Sol Nava), Private sector, Training institutions and Community groups to ensure the success and achievement of the set objectives.

To effectively implement this project VSFG is seeking to employ a Senior Project Officer who has adequate expertise and experience in promotion of innovations in the dairy and meat value chain. The national expert reports directly to the team leader.

Expected results/impacts

Result 1: Hygienic conditions and practices in the dairy and meat value chain is improved, leading to higher revenues on markets and, hence increased income for the producers.

Result 2: Resilience of food vulnerable households is strengthened to avoid or overcome hunger crises through improved access to different hygienically improved animal protein.

Result 3: Capacity to regulate and provide services in dairy and meat sectors is enhanced

Purpose of the job: To provide technical expertise and support in planning, implementation monitoring, reporting and communication to the Project Manager and the project field teams. The Senior Project Officer will be in charge of direct implementation of project activities.

Location: Hargeisa with frequent travel to support the Field Officers in other two Districts.

Direction: The position holder will work under the guidance and in close cooperation with the Project Manager and in the collaboration of the field staff. He is directly responsible for actual activity implementation.

Duties and Responsibilities

I. Project Administration

· Provide coordination and administrative support as directed by the Project Manager.

· Monitor the security situation in the project area and at the field.

· Draft internal inter-staff communications.

II. Project Planning and Implementation

· Undertake the elaboration of work plans and timelines.

· Ensure project activities are implemented according to work plans including coordination with Logistics and Finance.

· Provide coordination and administrative support to the project teams under guidance of the Project Manager.

· Participate in activity planning and develop data collection systems enabling effective monitoring of defined indicators.

· Maintain project calendar, budget and ensure deadlines are met.

· Help coordinate and follow up on project activities under components implemented by Project partners.

· Keep strong cooperation with relevant Ministries (Livestock, Public Health, Municipality and local professional entities such as Sol Nava for the implementation of activities, including and technical input.

· Act as liaison point between project and technical stakeholders, the field Coordinator and project Consultants to ensure timely implementation of project activities.

· Track project activities to ensure they are progressing as per schedule.

· Take responsibility for implementing an aspect(s) of the project as appropriate according to experience and expertise as determined in consultation with Project Manager.

· Play a leading role in the development of advocacy and publicity materials for project visibility

· Put in place a proper system of data collection.

· Manage and supervise all the ground staff.

· Liaise with the Project Manager for decisions related to management of local staff.

· Coordinate and organize stakeholder meetings, and serve as Secretary of the said meetings.

· Support in developing training or other materials for beneficiaries, community stakeholders and others.

III. Project Reporting

· Submit monthly comprehensive reports on implementation of the prject activities

· Work closely with the Project Manger in develping donor reports on the project.

· Provide the Project Manger with Internal reports and interstaff communication.

· Carry out any other duties as may be assigned by the Line Manager.

Minimum qualifications and work experience.

· At least a Degree qualification in Veterinary science, Animal Science, Dairy Science or similar discipline.

· At least 5 years working experience as a Senior Project Officer (or similar position) in implementation of donor-funded projects.

· At least 3 years working experience in promotion of innovations linked to dairy and meat value chain and in particular technical as a technical person in animal health, milk and meat technology.

· At least 5 years working experience in capacity building of communities, Income Generating Groups, government staff, and non-government organizations.

· Strong working experience in extension services in dairy/meat value chain, animal husbandry, and training of male and female groups in dairy/meat based income generating activities;

· Experience in coordination with national and international actors in livestock sector; gender and youth issues.

· Working experience in monitoring and evaluation and knowledge management.

· Ability to promote team work for effective and efficient output.

· Regional experience / Knowledge of the country of operation.

· Fluency in spoken and written English.

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