Projects Coordinator

ACTED background:

ACTED is a French humanitarian NGO, founded in 1993, which supports vulnerable populations, affected by humanitarian crises worldwide. ACTED provides continued support to vulnerable communities by ensuring the sustainability of post-crisis interventions and engaging long-term challenges facing our target populations, in order to break the poverty cycle, foster development and reduce vulnerability to disasters. Their interventions seek to cover the multiple aspects of humanitarian and development crises through a multidisciplinary approach which is both global and local, and adapted to each context. Their over 3,300 staff is committed in to responding to emergencies worldwide, to supporting recovery and rehabilitation, towards sustainable development.

ACTED is looking for professionally confident, self-motivated, experienced and committed team player to fill the Projects Coordinator position in Hargeisa.

Position Profile

The Project Coordinator ensures the BHA project runs in a smooth and cost-efficient manner and in compliance with ACTED’s and donors’ procedures and legal requirements.**

Main Objectives

Coordinate ACTED’s BHA activities and define coherent BHA implementation modalities, tools and methodologies

Ensure the overall success of the BHA projects, and seeing that deliverables arrive on time, on scope, on budget, within acceptable quality levels, and in line with donor requirements and based on beneficiary needs.

Duties and Responsibilities

Definition of BHA Implementation Strategies and Modalities

  1. Internal Coordination

a) Promote harmonization of approaches and methodologies across the different BHA projects by developing and monitoring use of common tools, as well as creating opportunities for experience sharing and learning

b) Brief Project Managers about main BHA issues, and updating them on a regular basis;

c) Advise the Project Manager on technical skills and requirements to implement projects as per relevant standards;

a) Ensure that relevant technical quality and standards are considered and respected during projects’ implementation;

b) Ensure capacity building among staff in relevant sector.

  1. External Coordination and Stakeholder Engagement

a) Coordinate and collaborate with other stakeholders by cultivating good relations with key humanitarian actors – local and international, including government authorities and non-state actors, through regular attendance at technical meetings and bilateral meetings;

b) Identify opportunities to collaborate and coordinate efforts with other organizations to ensure our activities build upon – rather than replicate – the work of others;

c) Refer unmet needs to other relevant actors;

d) Share externally learning and innovation with communities and other stakeholders.

Project Implementation

  1. Programming

1.1. Project Planning

a) Ensure work plans are developed for all projects in portfolio;

b) Ensure kick-off and end of project transition planning meetings are held for all projects in portfolio.

1.2. Project Implementation Follow-up

a) Control the work plans and monitor the implementation status of the projects;

b) Regularly review the Project Management Framework (PMF) for all projects in portfolio

c) Anticipate and mitigate risks and issues, and trouble-shoot any unforeseen challenges during the projects’ implementation;

d) Support Project Managers to coordinate and manage changes in projects’ implementation, in particular identifying change needs to occur.

1.3. Documenting and Compliance

a) Ensure projects’ records and documents, in particular documents that proof completion of activities (beneficiary list, donation certificates, attendance sheets, etc.) are adequately prepared, compiled and filed according to ACTED procedures and donor specific procedures;

b) Ensure projects in portfolio are implemented in line with donors’ and ACTED’s procedures.

1.4. Beneficiary Engagement and Accountability

a) Ensure projects’ staff adhere to ACTED’s Code of Conduct and treat all beneficiaries with respect and without any distinction or discrimination based on nationality, race, ethnicity, tribe, gender, religious beliefs, political opinion or disability;

b) Advise the Project Manager on the appropriate, achievable and acceptable selection of projects’ beneficiaries;

c) Ensure that ACTED’s Complaints and Response Mechanism is communicated to target communities and solve complaints related to the projects in coordination with the AMEU.

1.5. Internal Coordination

a) Organize regular coordination meetings with Project Managers;

b) Participate in Weekly Area Meetings (WAMs) and when requested/as relevant in Monthly Coordination meetings (MCMs), and provide updates about implementation progress, challenges, risks, changes in context.

1.6. Partner Management

a) Provide support to partners in project implementation and ensure timely and qualitative implementation of projects by partners in line with ACTED and donor requirements;

b) Refer partners to relevant ACTED staff to support and/or train them in FLATS procedures where relevant.

1.7. Security

a) Regularly conduct a context analysis in the projects’ implementation areas by identifying and following micro signals (e.g. security indicators, socio-economic indicators) and support the Area Coordinator and the Security Department in preparing the monthly update of SEC-02GZ;

b) Ensure projects’ stakeholders have a good image of ACTED thus increasing the acceptance of ACTED’s presence and activities in the project implementation area;

c) When necessary, negotiate access with local stakeholders.

2. Human Resource

a) Advise Project Managers to define the structure of the projects’ teams and develop projects organizational charts within the limitations of the budget;

b) Develop and/or adjust ToRs outlining staff roles and responsibilities in line with ACTED standards;

c) Participate in the recruitment of technical project staff;

d) Ensure a positive working environment and good team dynamics;

e) Undertake regular appraisals of staff and follow career management;

f) Manage interpersonal conflicts;

3. Logistics

a) Participate in the procurement planning processes, launch procurements required for the project in a timely manner, and follow procurements closely in collaboration with logistics;

4. Finance

a) Participate in the review of the BFU for each project, and forecast initial and regular costs and cross-check expenditures for projects activities;

b) Participate in new budget development processes through the provision of expert programmatic advice related to contextual knowledge.

5. Quality Control

a) Participate in AMEU planning processes and actively support the delivery of AMEU activities in line with the project AME framework and AME Manual;

b) Plan and organize internal qualitative assurance checks by the projects’ teams;

c) Assess the activities undertaken and ensure efficient use of resources;

d) Undertake regular field visits to provide technical guidance and supervision as well as regularly monitor the progress of projects’ activities;

e) Discuss, plan and deliver appropriate corrective actions, including based on AME findings and recommendations;

f) Collect and apply appropriate lessons learnt and best practices to current projects, and ensure these lessons learnt are pro-actively shared with supervisor, the AMEU and other team members to apply them in future project development processes.

6. Grant Management

a) In close collaboration with the Project Development Unit, ensure Project Manager’s adhere to contractual obligations and donor procedures;

b) Ensure Project Managers regularly on project activities, challenges and indicators through monthly submissions of the PMF and PM report;

c) Ensure close-out meetings are held for all projects in portfolio;

d) Participate in communication activities through the regular collection of pictures and stories related to BHA activities;

e) Participate in new proposal development processes through the provision of expert programmatic advice related to contextual knowledge;

f) Where relevant, liaise with donors and work closely with partners on project updates, site visits and other communication, in coordination with the Project Development Unit.

7. Protection Mainstreaming

  • Promoting of and adhering to Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse policy and guidelines (for site residents, ACTED staff, partner agencies, casual labors).

Any other tasks as assigned by the ACTED Management

Key Performance Indicators

· % of projects with kick-off, end of transition and close-out meetings held

· % of projects with up-to-date and accurate Project Management Framework (PMF) and expense forecast

· % of projects completed on time without the need for an NCE

· % projects completed within budget flexibility (not requiring a budget amendment for project lines)

· % of projects with contractual targets/indicators met

· % ineligible expenses on project budget lines

· Project records and documents (beneficiary lists, donation certificates, attendance sheets, payment sheets) available for all project activities

· % positive monitoring and evaluation reports (internal and external)

Qualifications/Skills Required

-Masters Degree or equivalent in Development studies, Social science or other relevant discipline

-Extensive project management experience (management, planning, staff development and training skills) in emergency and/or development programmes

-More than 7 years in high level projects coordination including management, planning, staff development and training skills) in emergency and/or development programmes.

-Good numerical, report writing and administration skills; committed to consultative and open-minded leadership; able to set clear objectives for staff and to delegate; able to enforce procedures
-Flexibility and ability to multi-task under pressure;
-Ability to work well in unstable and frequently changing security environments;
-Proven ability to work creatively and independently;
-Advanced proficiency in written and spoken English
-Good inter-personal skills, commitment and motivation
-Must be fluent in written and spoken Somali

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