Project Coordinator in Ukraine – Kyiv

Job Purpose:
Working within a large and complex Country Office (CO) environment, you will support the effective management of UNFPA development and humanitarian aiming to achieve the following:

Objective 1) proposes to shift societal perceptions around gender stereotypes and patriarchal norms, which limit women’s rights; 
Objective 2) proposes to increase men’s involvement in taking care of their children and participation in fathers programmes; 
Objective 3) proposes to increase the knowledge and tools of social workers and CSOs on how to conduct evidence-based violence prevention programmes targeting perpetrators of domestic violence, including early intervention.

Through substantive analysis and assessment of political, social and economic trends, you will contribute to project formulation and evaluation, joint programming initiatives and national development frameworks.

Project Coordinator will monitor results achieved during implementation, guiding the appropriate application of systems and procedures, and developing enhancements as required.

Main duties and responsibilities: 

Project implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting

  • Ensure timely and effective implementation of the project’s Outputs 2 and Output 3 related to: 1) Integration of responsible fatherhood and male involvement approach through social services and municipalities; 2) Equipping men with relevant support, guidance and means to get involved in caretaking and advocacy of gender transformative approaches related to parental leave 3) Advocacy for applying good practices from EU countries in the policies on responsible fatherhood through public and private sectors 4) Bringing social change through programmes for perpetrators.
  • Deliver results in accordance with the project’s document, work plans, communication plan and result framework;
  • Provide inputs to project reports, including progress and annual reports, as well as ad-hoc technical reports;
  • Contribute to project monitoring and evaluation, as well as audit activities;
  • Assure that due security measures are in place with regard to the project personnel and assets;
  • Ensure proper management of the budget component allocated for the project implementation.
  • Arrange and monitor field level activities of the project.
  • Ensure adjustment of the project to COVID-19 response. 

Contribution to Inter-Agency coordination and partnerships building 

  • Provide technical support to UNFPA and provide joint input to UN Women in engagement with relevant local authorities to support the gender mainstreaming throughout the project implementation;
  • Maintain close liaison with local and oblast partners, ensuring optimum participation of all relevant stakeholders;
  • Develop the professional platform for networking and partnership building with the local authorities, CSOs, private sector and international development organizations or programmes;
  • Ensure coordination with relevant working groups and information sharing in the region.
  • Facilitate collection, analysis and interpretation of data in the field of project implementation in the target municipalities of Ukraine. Ensure availability of an up-to-date information on all critical issues related to project implementation;
  • Prepare regular updates with situation analysis (political, social, and economic) in the field of the project implementation;

Advocacy support and facilitation of knowledge building and management

  • Manage the establishment of advocacy networks at national level;
  • Proactively and substantively support and implement relevant, high-impact advocacy activities and campaigns with key partners in particular in support of paternity leave;
  • Ensure awareness about project priorities, strategies and approaches. Analyze ongoing experience for lessons learned, best practices, and shares with project management for use in knowledge sharing and planning future strategies;
  • Contribute to implementation of the communications strategy and plan.

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