Project Assistant – (Consultancy to implement activities of the ?Support to Strengthen Government Initiatives to Combat Human Trafficking in Sri Lanka (StrenGth)’ Project – UNODC – Colombo

Over the years, human trafficking flows globally have modified to ever increasing levels of complexity. Geographical factors such as long and porous borders, as well as adverse human security conditions, climatic disasters and emergencies, and socio-economic factors such as gender imbalance, social stigmatization of female victims of violence, poverty and lack of local sustainable livelihoods, coupled with misinformation or lack of awareness, have also fed into the increasingly complex factors of trafficking. Technological advances including mobile connectivity, internet availability and usage, on the one hand have led to increased advancements, while on the other hand have also, created opportunities for predatory traffickers, as well as modified the type of abuse of those trafficked.

While Member States have done significant efforts to prevent and address TIP, a number of key challenges persist. These include:

•             Low levels of awareness and reporting of TIP cases;

•             Limited capacity to identify, investigate, prosecute and adjudicate trafficking in persons on the part of criminal justice practitioners and judicial officers;

•             Lack of cooperation between States in all aspects – from rescue to investigation and prosecution;

•             Links with other crimes (i.e. corruption, drug trafficking, money laundering, cyber-crime);

•             Lack of adequate protection and assistance to victims.

Preventing and countering human trafficking requires a comprehensive response founded on assistance and protection of victims, sound legislation and policies, and rigorous enforcement by the criminal justice system.

The UNODC Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA) is located in New Delhi (India) and covers six countries of the region: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Under the current Regional Programme for South Asia for the period 2018-2021, UNODC is delivering technical assistance to governments in the region under the following five sub-programmes: (1) countering transnational organized crime; (2) a comprehensive response to the drug problem (drug trafficking & drugs and health); (3) countering corruption; (4) terrorism prevention; (5) criminal justice and crime prevention.

UNODC Regional Office of South Asia (ROSA) is currently implementing a project funded by the Home Office UK to help Sri Lanka developing a comprehensive response to some of these challenges. The project will contribute to strengthen the capacity of police, local level officials and raise community awareness on the human trafficking issues taking place within the country as well as cross-border and help to increase identification, reporting and investigation of trafficking crimes and take proactive measures for the prevention of such crimes. The Project Assistant will support the ROSA team in Colombo with administrative tasks for the team to deliver program activities in relation to StrenGth Project. The StrenGth Project will implement under the sub-programme of countering transnational organized crime.

The Project Assistant will work under the direct supervision of the National Program Officer.

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