Local Legal Specialist – FAO – Prishtina, Pri?tina

Reporting Lines

The Local Legal Specialist will report to the Local Team Leader, and work under the technical supervision of the Development Law Service (LEGN) of FAO and the Lead Technical Officer, and in close collaboration with the relevant technical division in FAO headquarters. The Local Legal Specialist will also work closely with the project’s international and national consultants and with focal points in the relevant Ministries.

Technical Focus

Provide legal technical expertise through the identification, review, definition and needs/gaps assessment of all legal instruments, as appropriate, relevant to the forestry sector in Kosovo, including, but not limited to, timber legality, trade in forest products, sustainable forest management, and rights of tenure.

Tasks and responsibilities

• Support the development of a comprehensive strategy/work plan for the holding of multi-stakeholder consultation and the envisaged outcome of these, which will include, as appropriate:

o Inception meeting, reviews and consultations;

o Gaps/needs assessment and strategies for addressing identified gaps and needs;

o Proposals to address these gaps, including the drafting of relevant laws, including by-laws, if appropriate;

o Validation workshop/seminar.

• Identify, collect and compile all policies, legislation and regulations relevant to forestry, trade in forestry products, forest management, environment, tenure rights, and any other discipline that affects forest related products and its trade.

• Identify areas of policy, legislation and regulations/law which will be required for effective implementation of the programme objectives;

• Defining the scope of relevant laws, including by-laws, if appropriate;

• Establish a baseline on timber legality;

• Based on the baseline report, prepare a roadmap for designing the key bylaws for law enforcement in forestry sector and timber legality;

• Support the process for the drafting of relevant laws, including by-laws, if appropriate, to address gaps and/or missing elements identified in Kosovo legislation and regulations required to achieve the objectives of the Programme, with the focus on timber legality;

• Prepare terms of reference for the establishment of a small task force on Timber Legality at Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development / Kosovo Forestry Agency to assess forest illegality;

• Support the holding of training workshops/seminars for relevant judges, prosecutors, lawyers and law enforcement officials involved in the forestry sector;

• Produce training kits which can be applied in scaling up forest legality training events;

• Provide on-the-job training to forest personnel including Forest Inspectors for counteracting illegal activities; 

• Lead group trainings in Pristina and in Programme’s target regions;

• Provide the necessary support for the assessment and development of a suitable type of block-chain tool for Kosovo’s forest sector, within a working group comprised of foresters, lawyers and IT developers, and integrate it with KFIS;

• Contribute to the drafting of a technical report, which will include the appropriate draft laws identified, and submit for review (to LEGN).

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