IT Specialist in Support of Wildlife Operations United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) – Home-based. It is expected that the incumbent is equipped with good internet connection at home.

Please provide Offeror’s Letter and proposal together with your CV and cover letter (if applicable) in one single file while submitting application. And please note that the system will not accept the uploading of more than one document so please merge or scan all your documents into one prior to uploading. Below is the download link of Offeror’s Letter. 

Offeror’s letter download link: Code: x257

The UNODC Global Programme for Combating Wildlife and Forest Crime (GPWLFC) aims to link existing regional efforts in a global system, enhancing capacity building and wildlife law enforcement networks at regional and sub-regional levels. In collaboration with UNODC Regional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific (ROSEAP) sub-programme on transnational organized crime and illicit trafficking, the GP is working for and with the wildlife law enforcement community in Asia and the Pacific to ensure that wildlife crime, illegal logging, and related crimes are treated as serious transnational organized crime.

With illicit wildlife trafficking recognized as regional and global issue, the Customs authorities from key Member States, with technical support provided by UNODC, has initiated and implemented joint operations against illicit wildlife trafficking in the region. Facilitation on the flow of information and intelligence, via modern information technology, especially through effective communication during the Operations, is essential for the success of such joint endeavor. UNODC plays an increasingly important role through delivery of specific technical assistance designed to strengthen such collaborative capacity of Member States to jointly fight against crimes on protected species of wild flora and fauna, and are currently working with a number of organizations in Africa and Asia to support the improvement of key Member States on conducting joint operations to address the cross border wildlife crime.

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