International Human Rights Technical Consultant

Overview of position

The Joint Programme on Human Rights, implemented by the Federal Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development (MoWHRD), with UNSOM acting as the lead entity, was implemented from 2018 to June 2020 but was extended to December 2020 to allow for the implementation of priority activities delayed for several reasons, including the COVID 19 pandemic. The Programme’s aim was to strengthen the capacity of security and justice institutions in promoting and protecting human rights and to strengthen compliance with human rights standards, including women’s and children’s rights within the framework of SCR 1325 and CAAC.
The key Programme Focus areas include:
In short, the Joint Programme focused on:
• Thematic Area 1: Strengthening the capacity of government actors, including the MoWHRD, Ministries of Internal Security and Justice, relevant Federal Parliamentary Committees on human rights, to comply with human rights and protection standards. This includes supporting government actors in implementation of the recommendation of the Universal Periodic Review accepted by the Somali government, actions requested by the UN Security
Council in the UNSCR resolutions (including UNSCR 1325), recommendations from UN treaty bodies, and the Human Rights Roadmap for Somalia. It also includes support to the establishment of an independent National Human Rights Commission. (“Expected Output 1: Legal, policy and institutional capacity for the promotion and protection of human rights is developed and strengthened (FGS, Parliament and the National Human Rights Commission”).
• Thematic Area 2: Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to monitor and report on human rights violations (particularly women’s and children’s rights) and hold the Somali government accountable, by improving public awareness and understanding of human rights amongst local civil society organizations and strengthen their monitoring and reporting capacity. (“Expected Output 2: Monitoring and advocacy capacity of human rights by Civil Society Organizations strengthened”).
Implementing Partners
The Joint Programme lead on side of the Federal Government is the Ministry of Women and Human Rights. From the United Nations side, UNSOM-HRPG, our client and UNICEF have been the key partners, providing technical support and ensuring linkages with the five-other joint programmes on justice, police, security sector governance, PVCE and SDG16 M&E project. Sweden, Denmark and Norway have been the key donors to the Joint Programme and other new donors including Canada have also expressed funding interest to the Joint Programme.
The design of the Joint Programme ensured linkages to the NDP (NDP Policy Priorities 1.4.3 II, III and X; NDP Human Rights and Security Goals, NDP Strategic Intervention relating to Human Rights; NDP Pillars 2,3 and 9), the SDGs (especially Goal 16 on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions), and the Comprehensive Approach to Security.
Achievements of the Joint Programme and the post-2020 programme
In its three-year implementation period, the Joint Programme was able to achieve some important results towards enhancing the capacity of both government and civil society actors to promote and protect human rights. The capacity of the MoWHRD and the Inter-Ministerial Task Force to operationalize human rights through policies and practice has been increased through training, coordination, technical advice on reporting under various treaties and through study tours to Rwanda and Uganda. Progress was made towards the fulfillment of Somalia’s human rights reporting obligations (for example reporting to the CRC, CAT, UPR and currently ICCPR that’s in in advanced stages). However, other key objectives remain work in progress, such as the establishment of an independent Human Rights Commission, the ratification of CEDAW, and the establishment of a electronic human rights database to support the legislative functions of parliamentary committees.
The Federal Government remains committed to consolidating its achievements and implementing what was not achieved in the concluding Joint Programme. This is also because the current and foreseen future political and security dynamics in Somalia (including the 2020/2021 elections, transition of security responsibilities from AMISOM to the Somali National Army, and the FGS-FMS relations) warrant sustained effort to promoting and protecting human rights, and a stronger capacity in Government to address emerging human rights issues. Both the United Nations and the Development partners (Sweden, Denmark and Norway) have expressed interest to support a post-2020 programme in order to consolidate the achievements and implement new and emerging priorities.
The JP HR Phase 2 will build on the successes and lessons learnt of the 2018-2020 Joint Programme and foster the capacity and relations that were build in the Joint Programme Team. Key Joint Programme objectives that have not yet been achieved but continue to remain relevant and feasible will be integrated into the JP HR Phase 2, while other objectives may be added where necessary. Phase 2 will be developed in consultation with the government and the key implementing partners (MoWHRD, UNSOM, UNICEF and our client), the civil society organizations and donors, as well as on the basis and recommendations of the evaluation of the 2018-2020 Joint Programme which will be conducted parallel to the new programme.
A Human Rights international Consultant technical specialist is being recruited to provide support for specific deliverables and associated activites as per the key tasks and deliverables as provided below

Role objectives

Provide technical support to the MOWHRD for electoral Implementation plans to prevent violence against women candidates and supporters. Concept note shall be developed.
• Facilitate 3 days capacity enhancement for women political aspirants to enhance their chances to be selected and generate a joint platform for GEWE commitments as women political candidates.
• Support CSO coalitions around the different FMS, with guidance from the Ministry of Women FGS and FMS, to establish call centers and a WhatsApp chat box, at FGS and FMS level through which updated information

Project reporting

Develop concept design, workshop content; coordinate participation for women political aspirants for 3 days workshops at each FMS; prepare one workshop report
31 January 2021
Concept note developed to provide technical support to the MOWHRD for electoral Implementation plans to prevent violence against women candidates and supporters; coordinate within the UN and other government insitutions with the help of MOWHRD.
20 February 2021
Prepare guidance for the Ministry of Women FGS and FMS, to establish call centres and a WhatsApp chatbox, at FGS and FMS levels to work with CSO’s; provide orientation to CSO’s for implementation.

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