International consultant to develop content and design of a joint publication on 2016-2020 UN Partnership Framework for Development Programme (UNPFD) implementation achievements in English language – Ashgabat

Under the overall supervision of the UN Resident Coordinator, the qualified individual will develop content and design of the print-ready copy of a publication on achievements in the implementation of the 2016-2020 UNPFD including layout, design, photos and charts/infographics.

The document shall focus on:

1) achievements of the UN agencies in Turkmenistan and Turkmenistan’s international involvement within the frameworks of cooperation with the United Nations and its structural bodies; and

2) directions of future cooperation.

In addition, the publication aims to:

  • Build a positive and unified image of the UN in Turkmenistan;
  • Increase public understanding about the work of the UN in the country;
  • Inform the public about positioning of the UN in the country in connection with signing of the new 2021-2025 Turkmenistan-United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF) document;
  • Reinforce UN commitment to Governmental processes;
  • Increase awareness of the UN mandate;
  • Strengthen an environment conducive to dialogue

It will be a 30-50 page publication highlighting UN mission in Turkmenistan, 2016-2020 UNPFD activities and achievements in the country. The booklet will target key UN partners:

  • Government
  • Development partners
  • UN agencies in Turkmenistan and beyond
  • Donors, NGOs and academia
  • Public at large

Expected Outputs and Deliverables

Following the online meetings with the UN agencies and staff, the Consultant shall be tasked to accomplish the following expected deliverables:

  • Develop content of publication covering the achievements of UNPFD under 5 strategic areas;
  • Provide concept/outline of the publication including the table of contents, proposed design, layout and graphic/charts of the publication;
  • Define necessary materials and photographs required from the UN Agencies for this publication;
  • Structure and edit all inputs from the UN agencies into a uniform, easily readable draft publication, which communicates clear results;
  • Consolidate and edit a draft publication;
  • Edit photo materials provided by the UN agencies;
  • Prepare and submit draft publication to the UNCT for comments and suggestions (with 3 rounds of reviews received from UN Agencies: first draft, pre-final and final);
  • Consolidate comments from the UNCT and submit a final design of the print ready copy within set deadlines to ensure on-time production of the publication;
  • Prepare language copies in English, Russian and Turkmen using the provided translations;
  • Provide PDF files for the web and native files of three language versions of the publication (preferably in Adobe InDesign).


The expected outputs are outlined below:

Deliverable I:

  1. Develop  a draft concept/outline of the publication based on scope of works, including the revision of UN Country Results Reports of 2018, 2019, and inputs of 2020 achievements, UNPFD Evaluation report, UN website and online consultations with UNCT, including the table of content, suggested design, layout and graphics/charts  with an easy readable style for discussion and approval by UNCT;
  2. Define the necessary materials and photographs that the UN Agencies need to provide;
  3.  If professional photos are required in addition to those provided by the UN agencies, define clearly in writing with examples what is required so that a local professional can be recruited;
  4. Provide the first draft of Outline/Concept with a text based on feedback from UNCT;
  5. Provide the first draft of the text according to the agreed Outline/Concept.

Time frame: Within 20 working days including online meetings with UN agencies

Deliverable II:

6. Prepare pre final print ready copy based on the feedback received from UN agencies in English;

7. Prepare final print ready copy based on the feedback received from UN agencies in English;

8. Prepare Turkmen and Russian versions using the final English publication upon receiving translation;

9. Provide PDF files for the web and native files of the publication in English, Russian and Turkmen languages.

Time frame: Within 35 working days including online meetings with UN agencies

  1. Institutional Arrangement     

The incumbent is expected to work on a daily basis in coordination with the UN Programme Communication and Advocacy Officer under the overall guidance of the UN Strategic Planning Officer and RCO Team Leader. She/he shall update the UN RCO the progress of implementation of the assignment. All organizational support and necessary meetings for the expert will be facilitated by the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office.

Duration of the Work

The duration of the assignment is 55 working days over 3 months but subject to the extension. The assignment shall start in January 2021 with the final, approved product to be submitted by March 30, 2021. The expert will have home-based work.

Payment Conditions

This is a lump sum contract that should include costs of consultancy and other costs required to produce the above deliverables. The final schedule will be agreed upon in the beginning of the consultancy.

Payment will be done in two installments based on the quality and timeliness of presented outputs after acceptance of them by the UN Country Team.

  1. Upon submission of the first draft of the publication to UNCG Deliverable 1-5 (30% of total fee);
  2. Upon submission of the finalized print ready version of the publication Deliverable 6-9 (70% of total fee).

All costs related to the assignment will be covered through a special fund based on the agreement reached within the UNCT.

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