Interim Care Counselors

2. Job description

A. General context of the project

General context of the project

Contribute to Improving the Protective Environment and access to child protection services for children affected by conflict and other emergency-affected populations in Somalia CSR SWA Bay region (Baidoa) and support to CPiE partners in Somalia.

B. General purpose of the position, responsibilities and tasks

General purpose of the position

The position is responsible for building capacity for CP/IDTR officer and case workers on IDTR, case management, basic emotional support and strengthening alternative care arrangements through informal foster families, including regular follow-up of cases including the link with community-child protection groups.

Main responsibilities and tasks

· Maintain daily contact with community focal points and child protection (including GBV and child protection advocates), community-based health and nutrition workers, Education and WASH staff as well as community based structures (including religious leaders) and conduct regular community visits as part of the INTERSOS protection team outreach;

· Establish good working relations with local authorities and implementing partners in In Baidoa with regular meetings and follow up along with the protection monitor supervisor.

· Provide psycho-social counselling to persons with special needs and referral to actors present, working for the same issue, together with the CBOs, in the counselling centre on a daily basis.

· Interacts with the IDPs/returnee/host community on a daily basis to conduct counselling services where needed.

· Conducts interviews with women and children in order to provide counselling and/or determine and address their needs, identify potential individuals for livelihood activities and takes further action where necessary;

· Weekly meetings with protection monitors of the advice desk to exchange information on emerging trends / risk factors.

· Provide information on the services provided by the NGOs and the community based structures

· Identify, support and refer upon in-depth assessment on child protection cases (individuals and families).

· Set up Standards operating procedure and a referral system in collaboration with the other NGOs present in the settlements for the CP cases.

· Arranges when it is necessary foster home opportunities for children with special needs and makes follow-up visits to monitor the wellbeing of the child and condition of foster families.

· Conducts awareness on protection and related issues at the counselling centre and/or at places identified with the community. (mosque, school, market)

· Makes prompt reports and brings to the immediate attention of the officer in charge any cases of special needs; using such means of communication as verbal information, telephone conversations, emails and written documentation.

· Work closely with the data base entry on the information management system.

· Promote adherence to the guiding principles of Child Protection among community focal points, other community-based actors and service providers for safe and ethical referral of cases and ensuring self-determination of the Child protection cases ;

· Ensure the provision of comprehensive information on services available to the client, maintain coordination with service provider focal points, and ensure accompaniment and referral to service adhering to referral SOPs and “need to know” principle;

· Conduct ad hoc assessment for the provision of material assistance or/and transportation cost to reach the nearest hospitals or health clinics;

· Provide individual and group basic emotional support as agreed with the child and caregiver of the child;

· Support the M&E officer to assess service satisfaction and post-distribution monitoring of material assistance provided;

· Conduct regular follow-up visits to children in alternative care, and support informal foster families to support UASC children in their care. Immediately report to the CP Officer any issues with the care arrangements for children

· Adhere to INTERSOS Child Protection, Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Data Protection protocols and the regional referral SOPs.

Any other tasks not here listed and necessary for the implementation of the project and activities according with the supervisors.

3. Position requirements


· Minimum Diploma certificate, previous minimum one year experience as a social worker or case worker with International and national organizations;

Professional experience

  • Social worker, Community Development or equivalent practical field experience working in Somalia, preferably with a humanitarian organisation;
  • Experience in psychosocial support, case management and alternative care for children is required;
  • Experience conducting BID panels and BIA;

Professional requirements

  • Gender-sensitive and advocate for women, children and minority rights;
  • Good cooperation skills and ability to work in a team;
  • Good problem solving and social skills and creative, to think of alternative solutions;
  • Stress-resilient to be able to cope with deadlines and complex problems;
  • Strong organizational, communication and report writing skills;
  • Computer literate (word and excel);

· Two or more years work experience in for NGOs

· Experience in working with vulnerable community members especially children and women.

· Good analytical and report writing skills is desirable

· Willing to work extra hours and available at the weekend for emergency cases.


· Fluency in written and spoken English and Somali (Maay-Maay) is essential;

As a general input to this section, not mandatory requirements are followed by the word ‘‘desirable’’ in brackets. All other requirements are considered as mandatory.

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