Football’s freakiest injuries

Football has always played host to some of the most painful and eye- wincingly shocking injuries we can just about stomach as viewers.

With the pace of the game nowadays there is always that chance that a player, no matter how experienced, will end up with a bone shattering clash or end up on the wrong side of a potentially career ending tackle. Of course some of the worst Premier Leauge tackles do not always cause bad injuries, but as the new season approaches let’s re-familiarize ourselves with some of football’s more bizarre traumas.



Former Leeds and Newcastle footballer David Batty was renowned for his tenacity in midfield. However, his hard man persona soon took a nosedive when it turned out it was his 2-year old daughter who was responsible for keeping him out of the game for several weeks. Daddy Batty tripped on the toddler’s tricycle and damaged his Achilles tendon, much to the amusement of fans across the country. 


As our next victim on the list will attest, sometimes doing nothing at all is just as dangerous as doing something. Remarkably, former Leeds and Man U defender Rio Ferdinand managed to pick up an injury simply by putting his feet up at home. Whilst sat in front of the TV one evening, Ferdinand had propped his leg up on a coffee table which led to England international inducing a tendon strain in his knee. Ouch.


Wimbledon and Chelsea keeper Dave Beasant was the victim of an unscrupulous condiment that side-lined him for two months at the beginning of the 1993/94 season. Beasant accidentally dropped a bottle of salad cream, and with some truly instinctive footballing reflexes, decided to try and stop the bottle from hitting the floor by controlling it with his uncovered foot. Unfortunately for Beasant, the bottle refused to play ball and the stopper tore a tendon in his big toe.



Brentford goalkeeper Chic Brodie soon discovered that man’s best friend sometimes has other things in mind back in 1970 when a rogue dog ran from the crowds and on to the pitch at an away match to Colchester. The four legged attacker invaded the turf and crashed directly into Brodie shattering his kneecap in the collision.


There are many strange ways players can sustain injuries but none are as bizarre as the tale of Adam Chapman. Back in 2012, whilst on loan at Mansfield Town, the Oxford United midfielder became the victim of a burnt nipple thanks to some baby milk preparation that went horribly awry when the lid wasn’t placed back on the bottle properly. Oxford gaffer Chris Wilder later learnt of the news and replied “…you get your thigh strains and hamstrings but not a burnt nipple”.

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