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No regrexit: This town really wants to leave Europe

Sheena McKenzie, CNN Updated 4:14 AM ET, Fri July 15, 2016 "Stop your messing around. Better think of your future," he sings. Last month Romford delivered its own message to European lawmakers: Leave. In Havering, the borough where the town is si

British leader May builds Brexit army

Story highlights David Davis is one of "a triangle of Brexit leaders" Women take home, education, and justice Cabinet posts The country voted to leave the European Union, the Prime Minister resigned, another was appointed, and a gaffe-prone

Queen Elizabeth II’s 12 prime ministers

By Bianca Britton, CNN Updated 11:12 AM ET, Wed July 13, 2016 While most of their political and personal conversations are kept strictly confidential, memoirs and historic interactions provide an insight into their relationships. So as Theresa May

Photographer sneaks into Fukushima red zone

Story highlights Magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck on March 11, 2011 Photographer trekked through the night to enter radiation zone A 9.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Japan that day, leaving more than 20,000 people dead or missing in the earthq

Boris Johnson once called Clinton a ‘sadistic nurse’

Story highlights Boris Johnson becomes new UK Foreign Secretary He has a history of insulting foreign leaders and overseas gaffes On a trip to Tokyo in 2015 he wiped out a 10-year-old schoolboy during a game of touch rugby, and in May he won

World reacts to Johnson’s choice

Story highlights Boris Johnson appointed new UK Foreign Secretary He has a history of insulting foreign leaders and peoples The decision by new UK Prime Minister Theresa May to appoint Johnson Foreign Secretary has been largely one of shock,

Rome elects first woman mayor in 2,800 years

Story highlights Rome's first woman mayor is also the youngest in the city's history Virginia Raggi, 37, vows to tackle corruption and fix Rome's infrastructure Virginia Raggi of the Five Star Movement, or M5S, became Rome's mayor after winn

MH370 debris hunter finds possible bags

Story highlights Personal items found include bags, laptop and camera cases Blaine Gibson also found two new pieces of potential MH370 debris Gibson told CNN he also found two possible pieces of debris on a beach near the same place he disco

Jo Cox honored as EU campaigning resumes

Story highlights British MP Jo Cox is remembered in church services in the village where she was killed EU referendum campaigns resume following a pause in wake of her killing Worshipers paid tribute to the 41-year-old Labour MP Sunday in a

Treating Kidney Infection

Most people with a kidney infection can be treated at home with a course of antibiotics, and possibly painkillers as well. See your doctor if you have a fever and persistent tummy, lower back or genital pain, or if you notice a change to your usual

Knee replacement

Knee replacement surgery (arthroplasty) involves replacing a damaged, worn or diseased knee with an artificial joint. It's a routine operation for knee pain most commonly caused by arthritis. More than 70,000 knee replacements are carried out in