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What to watch, where and when

Euro 2016, the second-biggest soccer tournament in the world behind the World Cup -- is upon us. Where can I watch? On the various ESPN networks (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes). You can also stream it live on the WatchESPN app. Watching outside the

Analysis: Too soon to celebrate demise of ISIS

Many years ago, back in the 1990s, when Saddam Hussein was still in control of Iraq, an official in the Ministry of Information and Culture would regularly summon me to his office for tea and a tirade. Sometimes it was about our coverage, but ofte

U.S. goes after ISIS’ billions

Daniel Glaser, the Treasury Department's assistant secretary for terrorist financing, said Thursday that the U.S. efforts to cripple ISIS' ability to raise money are "bearing fruit." He pointed to airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS c

American who fought for ISIS charged

Story highlights Said he joined the terror group because of a woman First American captured on the ISIS battlefield to be charged Mohamad Jamal Khweis, 26, who grew up in Virginia, is the first ISIS-affiliated American to have been captured

Queen marks 90th birthday in neon

Story highlights Queen Elizabeth II has become Britain's longest-reigning monarch Almost 1,500 officers and men took part, with 200 horses and over 400 musicians. In grand celebrations to mark her milestone birthday, the Queen on Saturday sp

Libyan forces taking back ISIS stronghold

Story highlights The offensive over almost two weeks has left dozens of fighters dead The advance comes as ISIS loses ground in Iraq and Syria In the ongoing offensive, forces supporting the U.N.-brokered government gained control

Arctic sea ice hits new record low for May

"During the month, daily sea ice extents tracked about 600,000 square kilometers (232,000 square miles) below any previous year in the 38-year satellite record," according to the center. For perspective, 232,000 square miles is almost the size of T

Russia grounds Su-27 jets after crash

The warplane, part of the Russian Knights aerobatic team, crashed near Moscow after the team took part in the opening ceremony for a monument to aviators in Ashukino, Tass said. The Defense Ministry said technical problems probably caused the cras

U.S. sailors allowed off Japan bases; booze ban remains

The bans on alcohol consumption and off-base travel were put in place Monday after several recent alcohol-related incidents, which the Navy's 7th Fleet said are harming U.S.-Japan relations. The travel restriction was lifted Friday after all sailor

Sea too hot for British warships

Story highlights Type 45 destroyers are unable to operate continuously in warm waters, MPs were told MPs fear the failures are placing British Navy officers at risk Six Type 45 destroyers have repeatedly experienced power outages because of

Terror suspect found in off-duty cop’s home

Story highlights Border crossings from Gaza Strip and West Bank into Israel are closed to Palestinians through Sunday Israeli forces raided homes in West Bank, detaining 12 Palestinians Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told CNN the

Pakistani woman burned her to death

Zeenat Rafique, 18, had eloped and moved away, but returned to her family's home in Lahore because she was under the impression a reconciliation could occur, Punjab police representative Nabeela Ghazanfar said. But when Rafique arrived, h

Ringleader of New Delhi organ-trafficking ring arrested, police say

Story highlights Alleged organ trafficking ringleader arrested in Kolkata Police believe scam had brought poor people from all over the country to have organs removed in New Delhi So far police have arrested 10 people in connection with the

Official: Saudis pressured U.N. to be removed from blacklist

Story highlights Saudi diplomats exerted 'massive' pressure on U.N. to be removed from blacklist Place on list was result of Saudi-led coalition's bombing of Yemen The official says Saudi Arabia made a threat of a "total rupture" in relation

2 suspects, 4 victims in Tel Aviv terror identified

Story highlights 13 people were shot in total, government says Israel freezes 83,000 entry permits for Palestinians Hamas praised the attack, but did not claim responsibility • Idan Ben Arieh, 42, from Ramat Gan, which is east of Tel Avi

Treating Kidney Infection

Most people with a kidney infection can be treated at home with a course of antibiotics, and possibly painkillers as well. See your doctor if you have a fever and persistent tummy, lower back or genital pain, or if you notice a change to your usual

Mexican foreign minister: ‘We are not the problem’

While avoiding any specific comments on Donald Trump, she said: "When you attack this relationship and our community in the United States, when you talk without information about our contribution to the development and growth of the United States,

State Department dismisses latest Assad ‘rhetoric’

Story highlights Syrian President Bashar al-Assad declared that the peace process in his country was dead The State Department labeled his pledge that "bloodshed won't come to an end" as "vintage Assad" "He basically got up and said what he

Africa’s first gay rugby team bends stereotypes

Story highlights Gay rugby team launched in South Africa First of its kind on the continent Aims to recruit members, change attitudes Hopes to compete in international events In the macho world of sports, it's not easy to be openly gay -- an

Maria Sharapova banned for two years over meldonium drug use

Story highlights Sharapova ban backdated to January Tennis star tested positive at Australian Open Said she took drug for medical reasons Will appeal ruling to a higher court Follow @cnnsport The ITF made the announcement Wednesday, endin

4 killed; assailants dressed as Hasidic Jews, officials say

Story highlights Shootings occur at Sarona Market, a popular gathering place in Tel Aviv Two terrorists have been captured, Israeli police spokesman tells CNN Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would respond to the killing of four

Is Turkey spiraling into chaos?

Story highlights Fadi Hakura says that Turkey's mounting instability arises from President Erdogan's over-centralization of power Erdogan's attempt to impose a homogenous Turkish nationality is a recipe for escalating political violence, says Hak

‘I am okay’: Boy lost for six days leaves hospital

Story highlights Yamato Tanooka released from Hakodate City Hospital after dehydration treatment Boy tells reporters he is okay and looks forward to return to school The seven-year old left Hakodate City Hospital with his parents on Tuesday

U.S. carrier now pounding ISIS from Mediterranean

Story highlights USS Harry Truman carrier has picked up the pace of its bombings of ISIS targets Truman's planes have dropped 1,500 pieces of ordnance CNN was given access to the Truman, where a new dramatic tempo has been set. Planes take o

U.S. aircraft carriers

U.S. aircraft carriers The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) arrives at the U.S. Navy base in Yokosuka, a suburb of Tokyo, Japan, on October 1, 2015. The Reagan is the fifth U.S. carrier forward deployed to Japan following