1. Background

SOS Children’s Villages International is the umbrella organization for over 130 SOS Children’s Villages associations worldwide. As a non-governmental social development organization, we support children without parental care and those at risk of losing parental care in collaboration with their families, communities and respective governments.

Health and Education services have always featured strongly within the SOS Children’s Village programme. Historically, SOS health and education (H&E) facilities were built wherever SOS Children’s Villages were constructed. Sometimes these services were simply non-existent whereas in some cases, the existing ones were poor in nature.

SOS Children’s Village Programmes has over the years grown in geographical scope, beyond the borders of the work with SOS families, reaching additional children in more communities, particularly through family strengthening. As a result, it is no longer possible to effectively address the health and education needs of all of the children participating in our programmes through direct service provision via SOS Health and Education (H&E) facilities alone. Along with the adoption of the human rights-based approach as a guiding principle in SOS Children’s Villages’ work, the scope of continuing to run H&E facilities seems unsuitable and unsustainable in the long run.

  1. Invitation for Proposals

SOS Children Villages International now invites eligible consultants to submit technical and financial proposal for the provision of the consultancy services to conduct comprehensive assessment of Health and Education facilities within Eastern and Southern Africa Region (ESAF)

  1. Rationale for the Assessment of SOS Health & Education Facilities

At present, some of our SOS H&E facilities are supporting children (and/or their care-givers) participating in the programme to access quality H&E through direct service provision. In this way, they are seen to be supporting the ‘core’ of our work. However, in other contexts our facilities do not reach the intended target group in family based care (FBC) or family strengthening (FS).

  1. Purpose

The overarching purpose of this consultancy is to assess whether existing SOS H&E facilities are still able to make a significant contribution to the ‘core’ of our work, now or in the foreseeable future, and which would be better to ‘let go’. Where facilities are contributing to our ‘core’ and we are ‘best placed’ to operate them, we may choose to continue to do so, if it is done in a cost effective way. Where they are not, other stakeholders who are best placed to offer such services to the community should assume this responsibility while we let go of our facility. In this way, we can focus on the ‘core’ of our work and direct / redirect our limited resources to maximise the impact on our (core) target group.

  1. Terms of Reference(TORS)

The overall objective of the assessment is: To collect, analyse and objectively make recommendations that will enable mandated stakeholders to make informed decisions on the way forward with specific health or education facilities within MAs in ESAF. Specific objectives are:

  1. Specific objective 1: To evaluate access and appropriateness of the health or education intervention delivered in the local community of our target group.

  2. Specific objective 2: To assess the relevance of the health or education SOS Villages provides to our target group.

  3. Specific objective 3: To assess whether SOS Children’s Villages is best placed to run the given facility.

  4. Specific objective 4: Outline a strategy and action / milestone plan for alignment or closure/hand-over of facility

  5. The prospective bidders are required to submit preliminary proposals detailing the following:-

  6. A capability statement: The consultant to carry out this assessment should fulfil all the categories’ stated below: State the firm or individual’s experience relevant to the assignment, curriculum vitae of key personnel stating qualifications and appropriate references.

  7. Technical Proposal: Provide an understanding and interpretation of the proposed exercise, proposed methodology, tools and resource capability and financial proposal: Include all proposed costs in USD (i.e. consultation fees as well as operational costs).

  8. CVs for lead and associate consultants with their specific roles outlined. (Please note the consultancy should include only CVs of those who will directly participate.

  9. Contacts of 3 organizations that have recently (but preferably the last 3 years) contracted the firm/consultant(s) to carry out relevant research/ survey or related work in the community development work

    1. Scope of consultancy will include following:-
  10. Assess the contextual background of the (Health or Education ) facility in terms of relevance

  11. Assess the level of participation of the SOS CV target group in the facility

  12. Assess the existence of other similar services as well as potential service providers within the location and beyond,

  13. Assess the financial sustainability of the facility.

  14. Eligibility

In order to be eligible to submit EOI proposals, the firm / individual consultants should fulfil the following criteria:-

(a) Should be a firms / individual consultants with origin from within Eastern & Southern Africa including Ghana and Nigeria,(b) Should be in active consultancy business for at least last five (05) years;

(c) Should have completed at least one (01) similar consultancy contract either with SOS CV or a credible organisation;

(d) Should have in-house professional experts to incorporate in the exercise when need arise,

(e) Should be flexible in travelling in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region.

  1. Bidding Proposal Specifications

Short listed firms / individual consultancies will be informed of the dates for a possible interview soon.

Candidates are invited to tender the EOI by the date below. Proposals received after this deadline will not be accepted. The EOI should be submitted to the Regional Human Resources Advisor based at the SOS Children’s Villages International Branch Office in Nairobi Kenya at email address [email protected] and the Project Manager for the Assessments of Health & Education Facilities at email address [email protected], on or before July 8, 2016 at 1600 hrs. via email with subject clearly marked “Expression of Interest for Prequalification of Consultancy Services for Assessment of SOS Health & Education Facilities in ESAF”

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